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EXIM Thailand Announces 2015 Operating Results

Mr. Kematat Saicheur, Acting President of Export-Import Bank of Thailand (EXIM Thailand), recently announced the Bank???s 2015 operating results which registered a net profit of 1,520 million baht and a total credit outstanding amounted to 73,540 million baht at EXIM Thailand???s Head Office on February 9, 2016. Business turnover derived from the Bank???s financing activities amounted to 136,634 million baht while business turnover under export credit insurance and investment insurance accounted for 64,386 million baht. In 2016, EXIM Thailand will continue more aggressively to promote its proactive marketing by establishing Marketing Strategy Department to oversee product development and marketing strategy formulation in order to provide entrepreneurs with better access to financial resources available. The Bank will also establish a new work unit to develop and deliver financial literacy programs to enhance public knowledge.